Family Volunteer Ideas for the Holidays

Montessori education promotes care of self, care of the environment and care for others year round. The children practice care of self by learning how to become independent through lunchtime, changing their own clothes, etc. They practice care of the environment by helping to clean and keep their classrooms beautiful. And care for others is done through helping friends with works, setting up lunches and being peaceful towards one another. We recently had a pajama drive where the students could wear a pair of pajamas and bring a pair in to donate to the Children’s Crisis Center.
Although these are everyday occurrences in the Montessori experience, serving and helping others naturally becomes the center of focus for many families when the holidays roll in. Taking time to be grateful for what we have during the holiday season can cause us to remember those who may be less fortunate. Children look up to parents and family members and easily imitate them during playtime and interactions with their friends. Teaching children how to care for others in simple and big ways can truly impact how they treat themselves and others in the future. Here is a great blog that gives a list of ideas for families to volunteer and help others who are in need during this holiday season. This gives you a chance to have quality family time and gives children the opportunity to make a difference in their world and the lives of others.