The Importance of Messy Play

As parents and teachers, it can be hard to picture “messy play” as beneficial to children. Just the thought of messy play makes some of us annoyed at having to clean up, well, the MESS! Even though it may be an inconvenience for us, the importance of messy play has a crucial role in a child’s development. Here is a great article that explains why messy play is an essential part of childhood and how to incorporate messy play in their free time.

In our Toddler classes at Casa del Nino, we understand how important this messy play is to each child’s development. For that reason, we ask parents to send children in comfortable clothes they are okay with getting dirty, painted, stained, etc.  While there are times for order and cleanliness (which are emphasized in Montessori as well), there is clear evidence that, especially at the Toddler age, children thrive when given full permission and freedom to be messy.  As Maria Montessori put it, “Play is the work of the child.”