Spanish Apps for Adults

It can be difficult if your child is learning a different language, or becoming bilingual when you are only monolingual. As much as you want to share their knowledge and help them learn and grow in the second language, it takes time and effort to learn it as an adult. Children can pick up second languages like it is nothing (lucky ducks), but as adults we have to work harder. Plus many of us don’t have the time to take classes (although if you can spare 45 minutes, we have new tutoring sessions here in Chandler starting in January).  But if you’re looking for an easy, quick and accessible option, technology can save the day. There are some wonderful apps out there that can help you learn and practice Spanish on the go. Below are some of apps that we recommend for learning Spanish:


1. Rosetta Stone: This is a great app if you want to test drive this program before purchasing the real thing to determine if it’s worth the investment.  It’s conversation based, and it lets you practice saying and pronouncing the words.


2. Duolingo: While speaking is the primary way to start learning a new language, practicing reading and writing Spanish is essential for long term mastery. This app teaches you the correct way to form a sentence while enforcing vocabulary memorization.  With this app, you can choose how many minutes each day you want to practice and receive reminders as well.


3. Que Onda: Short lessons allow you to learn greetings, phrases, and vocabulary quickly. After you complete each lesson, you can test your knowledge and have some fun by playing a game of hangman.

4. Spanish Dict: This is the best all around app. The dictionary option will translate from English to Spanish and vice versa. There are games you can play to increase your knowledge, and learn a new word every day with the daily word. This is definitely the app to go to if there is a word you are looking to translate.